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Barter What You Have.....For What You Need!

Learn how to fix your car, take a vacation, go to the dentist......all.....WITHOUT CASH! Main Street Barter will share the secrets that companies have used for years.....Bartering their products and services for things they need. Now, you can do the same thing!



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Everyone has something to barter.  If you have time, a service you can provide, some items that you no longer use, you can now learn how to turn this time and these idle items into the things you've always wanted but couldn't afford.  College students acquire apartment rental.....Senior citizens enjoy entertainment, housewives take vacations, and home business purchase office equipment.....all without cash

Mainstreet Barter now provides answers and techniques to the process of barter.  More than just a craigslist posting.  Rather, how to create your own currency and how to use your "marker" to do transactions for many of the things you need, all while saving cash.  We offer this information in a comprehensive booklet that brings the opportunity of barter to everyday people like you and me.  Barter what you have....for what you need.

How to start, a one time investment of $9.95

  • The Mainstreet Barter guide to successful bartering
    This guide will show you the ins and outs of barter, everything you need to know to get what you want for what you have!  Mainstreet Barter Associates are long time expert in the business of bartering, instrumental in the operations of the largest barter networks in the US.

  • The Mainstreet Barter members only forum
    Ask questions and share your experiences, and exchange tips for successful bartering.  We will grant you 1 Year Access included free of charge.

  • 1 Year Free updates
    Any time a revision to this book is released for 1 year, you will receive a free copy (Limited time offer)

  • Local Barter Networks
    MainStreetBarter will help you find a local barter network in your local area that has pass our criteria

  • Discounts on future publications and newsletters

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